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How it works

Organising all the aspects of your wedding can seem overwhelming, but the process we will follow for your hair and makeup is simple and stress free. It helps to contact me well in advance, as soon as you've set the date. We'll arrange a time to have a hair and makeup trial. At the trial we will discuss what you have in mind for your big day, and have a practice run. All the finer details will be thoughtfully considered.

Attending a special event? I cater for any function and group size. Please read through the information below and

feel free to get in touch with your specific needs.

Here is some information to keep in mind when making your hair and makeup appointment.

What is your style?

Images of your flowers, chosen jewellery, or a swatch of your dress fabric all help to tell me your overall vision for your wedding day. They provide inspiration for how your hair and makeup can complement your bridal style.

Hair and skin type

A full consultation is the starting point for all my services.We want the condition of your hair and skin to be optimum for your wedding day. Things we may discuss include; Treatment regime for hair and skin, skin sensitivities, cut and colour advice.

The trial

A trial is not compulsory but most brides choose to have one. It's a great time for us to meet in person. At a trial we will practice your hair and makeup: we may even try a few different looks if you are unsure what you will feel comfortable with. I bring mock hair adornments such as a veil and diamante hair pins for you to try.

I can advise you on current bridal trends for hair and makeup, and hairstyles to suit your dress etc. You need to book your trial at least 2 months before your wedding date.


Hair adornments

Hair adornments are a very popular bridal trend. You can choose from beautifully hand crafted fascinators through to simple vintage pins. At the trial we will discuss how to incorporate your special piece. I am also happy to source accessories and clip in hair pieces for you.

Angela Renee: hair & makeup

Photographer: Lucy Rice

The bridal party

It's great to get to know your girls! I'm also happy to do trials for bridesmaids and answer any personal questions they may have leading up to the wedding day.


Party size: for larger bridal parties or events I have a team of talented artists available to work with me. Please contact me for details.

Contact me

You can contact me by phone or email, or by using the contact form on this website. Emailing is a great way of organising the logistics. The phone is good if you just want to chat, sound out any ideas you may have, and go through your to do list with me. You're most welcome, I'm always happy to talk to you.


Have I covered everything? When you make your booking I will email some more useful information to you.

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